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This small country, brimming with culture and natural beauty, proudly possesses one of the finest capital cities in the world - Budapest. Uniquely, it is also endowed with two-thousand-year-old Roman remains, four-hundred-year-old monuments from the Turkish period, beautiful Romanesque churches, examples of the pinnacle of neo-Gothic and art nouveau architecture, and castles that are still imposing even though they have long since fallen into ruin. Lovers of nature and of the great outdoors will relish in exploring Europe's largest freshwater lake - Lake Balaton - or the many landscape conservation areas, each concealing a wonderful and protected living world. And each year thousands of visitors seeking rest and rejuvenation turn to the country's many spas, famous for their natural healing spring waters. In recent years, the resorts themselves have undergone dynamic improvements in the range and quality of services and treatments on offer.


Budapest and its Surroundings : Some fall in love with Budapest at first sight, others will only become devotees after a longer stay, but no-one denies that it is one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world. The wide stream of the Danube divides the metropolis of some two million inhabitants into two, the hilly Buda and the flat Pest. The panorama over the Danube and the radial avenue of Andrássy út are on the UNESCO world heritage list. Once you have seen them flood-lit, you will appreciate why.

Northern Hungary : The highest hills of Hungary cross the northern part of the country diagonally. The ranges of Cserhát, Mátra, Bükk and the Zemplén hills, rising 600 to 900 meters, conceal unparalleled treasures of cultural history. The stalactites and stalagmites of the Baradla Cave and the village green of Hollóko are on UNESCO's world heritage list. The prehistoric relics at Ipolytarnóc and the biosphere reserve of the Bükk Plateau are equally protected. The local folk art is also distinctive: the Palóts embroideries and the Matyó national wear are unique in the country. The medical bathing establishments of Bogács and Bükkszék are sought out by people suffering from locomotor disorders.

Great Plain and Lake Tisza : This flatland, bordering on the Ukraine and Romania, embraces five counties and includes the National Park of Hortobágy. The villages in this region are the guardians of hidden treasures; medical establishments have been built on the abundant underground thermal waters, in the villages of Cserkeszolo and Berekfürdo, offering something interesting for tourists looking for new experience.

"A land as flat as the sea, as the Hungarian poet Sándor Petofi called it, an admirer of the Hungarian puszta and of the river Tisza. The river gives life to the sandy terrain and fish for the inimitable fish soup of the region. This is where we have the longest periods of sunshine in Hungary, and where the earth produces curative energy from the abundant thermal wells, helping those looking for cures recover their health.

Silky water, extended bays, back-waters and islands, a rich stock of fish and game this is Lake Tisza in the middle of the Great Plain. It is the second largest water surface in the country (127 sq. km.). The shallow waters warm up quickly and are suitable for bathing, the deeper parts for sports like sailing, water-skiing, surfing. This is the only lake in Europe where motor boats and jet-skis are allowed. About 80 km of shore provide recreation areas, free bathing beaches, camp sites, places for rent. The protected water world offers its own special wildlife for nature lovers, as well as fish for anglers and wild game for hunters. The undisturbed area here is a genuine aquatic wilderness.

Pannonia : In the region west of Budapest and north of Lake Balaton you will find everything that adds variety to travel and recreation: "royal cities?, romantic hills and valleys, shallow lakes, enticing gardens, world-famous porcelain for collectors and for gift hunters. South of the lake you will find untouched woods, wide plains, and valleys hidden among softly undulating hills. The area is bordered by the Danube to the east and the national frontier along the river Drava to the south, and is part of the ancient Roman province of Pannonia.

The old Christian cemetery of Pécs is on UNESCO's world heritage list. The climate is pleasant, the air is clear and the inviting countryside (perfect for touring) offers natural beauty and plenty of historical monuments. The land of hills and valleys bordering on Slovenia and Austria contains the Hungarian towns which are the most abundant in historical monument.

The Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma, guardian of Hungarian cultural riches and a world heritage site, is situated here. The sub-Alpine climate, the water tourism, cycling, hiking, and the good wines make this a favourite place for holidays.

Balaton : The lake, situated in the middle of Transdanubia, is often referred to as the "Hungarian Sea. The Balaton is 77 km long and, with its opal, yellowish-green, silky water, it is one of the country's most treasured natural assets and the most popular holiday area. It has a surface area of close to 600 sq. km. and is the largest lake in Central Europe. The shoreline runs to 195 km, the widest part is 14 km and the deepest point 12.4 meters. All along the shore there are pleasant beaches; the shallow water in the south is ideal for children while the northern side is better suited for swimmers. In the summer the temperature of the water varies between 20 and 26 centigrade, and can be warmer than the surrounding air in the morning and evening. The water and the silky mud of the lake have a curative effect on nerve disorders, anemia and fatigue. more..


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